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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Richard Clarke

I watched most of the Richard Clarke interview on 60 minutes. It just strikes me as more of the general left wing smear campaign. He blames Bush for not focusing more on his pet issue within the first 200 days of the administration, but has NOTHING bad to say (and actually quite alot of good to say) about how he handled the situation when he worked for Clinton.

Sure, he claims he was also employed by Reagan and Bush I, but that doesn't mean he's not a liberal dem. Remember, Reagan was a Dem too once and back in the days of the Cold War party affiliation didn't matter like it does now ... Reagan was swept to power on the back of the Reagan Dems, so that connection isn't enough to not write Clarke off as a political hack. Plus, it turns out he teaches a class at Harvard with Kerry's top foreign policy advisor.

This guy shouldn't be getting 30 seconds worth of attention, leave it to 60 minutes to once again make something out of nothing. Still, the blame on Clarkes existance ultimatly rests with Bush. He still hasn't weeded out the Clintonistas within the administration. We have seen the horrible damage they continue to do to him on the environment front . . . Bush should have fired each and every one the day he took over. His failure to is going to cause alot more heatache between now and election day as other political hacks like Clarke come out and are spun as Bush insiders turning tale in disgust. watch, it will happen and let it be a lesson to future administrations.


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