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Thursday, July 01, 2004

I Won!!!

I won in the 9th Circuit today.

Yep. I beat the Greenies in the most liberal circuit, before its most liberal panel.

Sadly, my name isn't listed on the opinion - only the senior partner from my former law firm - but he called me today to congratulate me. I wrote the substantive part of the brief that won.

I took down a whole slew of well funded environmentalists, represented by the best environmental litigators A&P could put forth, pretty easily at the District Court, but was concerned the 9th circuit would do the wrong thing. They didn't.

Frankly, I found the A&P attornies to be borderline incompetent and lacking in their knowledge of basic environmental law. Actually, that's generally been my experience with most of the "large firm" attorney's I've faced. Maybe they did well in Harvard or Yale, but they ought to be teaching not litigating.

Anyway, Yippeeee for me!!!!!!!!!!!
(my wife wants to know if their going to give me an after the fact bonus now - good question)


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