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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Postal Match, Part Deux

Well, I had threatened to and actually did it. Since the Neanderpundit announced in the comments to the Postal Matchh Part Deux that he would accept entries until tonite at midnight, I decided to head out and reshoot. Boy am I glad I did.

Lets recap . . .

yesterday, I spent a ton of time at the NRA range . . . almost 4 hours, and shot hundreds of rounds of ammo, including ten shots for the Postal Match. However, these were all taken without the benefit of having eaten lunch.

So, this evening, after dinner, I headed over to Blue Ridge Arsenal to reshoot (the NRA is closed for league action on Monday nights). What a grand trip. When i arrived, the store was pretty much empty, but with the same guys from my End of the So Called Assault Weapons Ban journey there. I purchased a couple of boxes of .22lr, and while paying for it and my range time, was checking out the rental guns and was overcome by Karma. Must Shoot Ruger Redhawk 7 inch .44 Magnum Karma. of course, is impossible to avoid, and so, I laid $10 down for the rental and grabbed a box of .44 mags. I had my own pics of Osama that Muslim Scumbag piece of shit, so I didn't buy any of theirs. I proceeded to walk into the range and put 50 BOOOMING rounds into Osama. great fun. Repeat.

After shooting my hearts content out with the Ruger, I then turned to the task at hand and shot about 50 warm up rounds with the Mark II. In doing so, I experimented with different aim techniques, and decided that I shot best when not shooting for the Bullseye, but instead trying to just place shots within the 9 ring and posting the target about 8 inches higher. After this revelation, I put my two targets up and shot my 10. The results, for me at least, are damn impressive.

The left target scored 49. The top left was a 9 with the round landing just next to the bullseye at 7 o'clock. The rest were 10s.

On the right target, I scored a 47. Again, the top left was a 9 with the round this time landing at 4 o'clock, just north of the 8 ring. The bottom right scored an 8 with the shot landing at 9 o'clock at the intersection of the horizontal line and 9 ring.

Total score = 96 Wow! I am impressed with myself.

That though, isn't even the most exciting news. Rather, as I was talking to the Blue Ridge guys, they mentioned that they have filed paper work to become a Class III firearms dealer (they hope to sell to the local police departments) and that once the paper work comes in they will be offering rentals of Automatic Weapons!!!!!! MP-5s!!!!! Uzis!!!!!! Yahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition, they have a long term plan for next year to upgrade the range facilities (which sorely need some rehab work) so that they can accept some rifle ammo (.223, .30-30, 7.62x39, etc.).

Things do appear to be looking up for Blue Ridge. I wish them well. It was a really poor gun shop a couple of years ago, but the new owner seems to be doing the right things (plus, with Galyan's demise, it looks like their gonna have a monopoly on handgun sales in Fairfax County).


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