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Monday, September 20, 2004

So Not Sorry

So, Dan Rather is sorry for getting caught. Maybe.

We don't know, because he isn't really clear what he's sorry for short of a "mistake in judgment." Hmm, what does that mean? That he misjudged how easily it would be to fisk him? That he misjudged the tolerance of the American public for his bias? Maybe he is sorry that he misjudged the extent that his cohorts in the news media would defend him. Yes thats got to be it because it seems like the New York Times is the only one who is still on his side.
Mr. Rather and others at the network are said to still believe that the sentiment in the memos accurately reflected Mr. Killian's feelings but that the documents' authenticity was now in grave doubt.

There they go again. Fake but accurate. Geeze. Why do we even bother with these people anymore. Soudns to me like they sit around in pajamas deciding what the truth should be.

The developments last night marked a dramatic turn for CBS News, which for a week stood steadfastly by its Sept. 8 report as various document experts asserted that the typeface of the memos could have been produced only by a modern-day word processor, not Vietnam War-era typewriters.

The seemingly unflappable confidence of Mr. Rather and top news division officials in the documents allayed fears within the network and created doubt among some in the news media at large that those specialists were correct. CBS News officials had said they had reason to be certain that the documents indeed had come from the personal file of Colonel Killian.

Danny Boy's "Seemingly unflappable confidence" allayed fears???? They can't be serious, can they? I mean, do they expect anyone to believe this. I guess, if by "creating doubt among some in the news media" they mean Nicholas Kristoff and the Time's staff they do. No one else seemed to believe this crap after it first broke.

Yes, that most certainly must be what Danny Boy is sorry for. He is sorry he misjudged the willingness of the media to go along with the Charade he and the Times and the Kerry Campaign were going to pull. Want to know how we know? Because, as John Tant points out
An apology is specific.
John's got a lot more, including a exhaustive list of people who are owed an apology. Check it out.


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