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Friday, September 17, 2004

We Shall Overcome!!!

The latest VCDL News Alert is a biggie.

First, Gary Alves has been acquitted of the charge of carrying a concealed weapon in the Dulles Airport parking lot. Notwithstanding Virginia's airport weapons law (18.2-287.01), the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority arrested and charged Mr. Alves for carrying a pocket knife. On Wedensday, Loudon County District Court Judge Dean Worcester dismissed the charges and ruled the MWAA regulations on weapons preempted.

Also, in Loudon County the Commonwealth's Attorney dropped charges against Dr. Thorston Hisam for allegedly violating the concealed carry restaurant ban. The Commonwealth's attorney apparantly agrees with Delagate Dick Black's position that the Restaurant Ban is neither valid nor enforceable under Virginia law.

Attorney General Kilgore (who wants to be Governor) is currently reviewing Delegate Black's position and is expected to release a binding legal opinion soon.

Congratulations to Attorney John Flannery, II (with Campbell, Miller,
Zimmerman in Leesburg - for both important wins!

WELCOME to everyone coming over from Alphecca. Feel free to browse around, theres lots of good 2nd Amendment stuff here. Also, if you care about the truth and the future of our economy, please check out this post.


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