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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ray Charles

The Academy Award nominated movie Ray was released on video and DVD today and the wife and I rented it and watched it tonight.

Its the story of Ray Charles struggle through a poverty stricken childhood in which his brother died before his eyes and he stood by as those same eyes quickly closed in, leaving him in a world of black.

Jamie Fox is wonderful. One of his best roles yet.

The New York Times has a
decent review of it.
''Ray'' while not a great movie, is a very good movie about greatness, in which celebrating the achievement of one major artist becomes the occasion for the emergence of another. I'm speaking of Ray Charles and Jamie Foxx, of course, though at this point I'm not entirely sure I can tell them apart.
I think they are wrong. Its a great movie, by far the best I have seen all year long, and with such a powerful soundtrack, it really reminds me of the epic Standing in the Shadows of Motown


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