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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

More Pigs, More Slaughter

Identity theft seems to be in the news alot lately. Well, here is a real case of it.

Turns out that Russell Christoff, a 58 year old kindergarden teacher used to do some modeling back in the day. Well, he went in one day in 1986 for a two hour modeling session but nothing became of it until 2002 when he found his face on a jar of Nestle Taster's Choice coffee sitting in a drug store shelf. Turns out that Nestle used his image without his permission in the US, Canada Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Israel, and Kuwait over that period of time.


A legal dispute with Nestle USA ensued, during which Christoff, 58, declined the company's $100,000 settlement offer, and Nestle USA turned down his offer to to settle for $8.5 million. Nestle USA is part of Swiss-based Nestle SA, the world's biggest food and drink company.

Last week he won a 15.6 million jury verdict. Ouch. What the fuck was Nestle thinking in only offering him $100,000????

I've said it before, but it bears repeating again.

Pigs Get Slaughtered

Sound advice to take with you through life.


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