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Friday, April 08, 2005

The Backroad Blog

Some people are worried about attracting more traffic to their blog. I'm not, and the few times I've gotten huge traffic loads coming in (mostly from Instalanches) I've worried about other things I've written somehow being connected with me through folks at work or in the political circles I hang out in. I work in DC, and as is its nature, sometimes its best to just keep my real life and my blog life seperate.

Anyway, I nevertheless sometimes click on the sitemeter tags on other sites, mostly to see where they are getting traffic and more recently to see what kind of ridiculous search terms are driving people to their blogs. It was while killing time at work today and doing this that I discovered one of my favorite blogs, a blog I just can't imagine people not reading, and a blog I've always looked up to as an inspiration for how to do it right, gets less traffic than I do. Thats a damn crying shame, and while I don't get alot, if your one of my readers and your not reading the Backroad Blog, do yourself a favor and get over there right now.

A great place to start might even be Robert's excellent post about his childhood spent roaming with a rifle. I grew up in Northern New Jersey and had a much similar experience (though our property wasn't bordered by a train line) and spent countless hours wandering in the miles of wilderness that was then North Cental New Jersey. With my Crossman 760 pump BB/.177 pellet pump gun, the miles of woods and state forest accessible from my backyard was a private game reserve where no squirrel was safe and new discoveries transpired every day.

Thanks for the memories, I hope I can get out of Northern Virginia and move to a place more conducive to childhood exploration in time for my son to have the same thrills.


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