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Friday, April 29, 2005

Fuck 'Em All

I've just shown an example of a politician with the courage to stand up for his actions.

Now comes word that the entire city government of Roswell, GA is populated by two timing, poll driving, anti America and anti Constitution, feckless pussies. Seems a commie mommy soccer mom was upset that a hunter shot a deer (with a bow and arrow no less) and demanded the city stop the slaughter and ban the use of all weapons. Being the pandering pussies they are, everyone went along with it. That is, until the NRA alerted its members. Now these shit heads are scrambling all over each other to take out the other guy and avoid blame.

Roswell Mayor Jere Wood, who is a lawyer, says the ordinance was outdated because the state law takes precedence — but he added that the change wasn't his idea. It was David Davidson's, the city attorney, the mayor said.

Actually, Davidson said, the idea came from Ed Williams, the police chief. "I just reviewed it for legality," the attorney said.

But Williams said it's the City Council that makes the laws and Davidson who writes them. "My place is to remain neutral and to enforce the laws that are handed to me," Williams said.

Roswell City Councilman Kent Igleheart, who heads the public safety committee and who is up for re-election this year, said the City Council will examine the issue thoroughly before finalizing the wording of the ordinance.

By the way, Igleheart noted, the change wasn't his idea, either.

Fuck 'Em All. If they oppose the Second Amendment, they ought to at least have the balls to come out and admit it.

Short of publicly supporting the abolition of all firearms laws (Vermont Style) this group of pandering pussies should all be thrown out of office.

Hat Tip to the sweet, sexy, and not incidentally single again Baby Bitch


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