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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

General Motors

Imagine it this way: The year is 1870 and you march into the velvet and mahogany office of Commodore Vanderbilt, sole owner of the New York Central Railroad and one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in Christendom. Your message is simple: You have investigated the long-term potential of the railroads to handle America's transportation needs and can sum up your conclusions with a brief statement, "Commodore, you're in trouble." He would then have you thrown into the street.
Car and Driver Editor Brock Yates discusses General Motors in the Wall Street Journal today. It seems he predicted their problems 40 years ago in the pages of Car and Driver.

Here are my suggestions.

First, they need to get out of Michigan. As we all know, Detroit is a filthy corrupt dump. Flint, Michigan isn't much better - and the lack of cultural diversity (well, except for all the muslims) and any arts culture is really whats driving their downfalls. Sure, they can build cars whereever, but the auto designers and corporate executives need to be headquartered on one of the coasts where people don't drive GM cars but instead opt for more stylish and cutting edge European and Japanese (or dare I even say Korean) imports. It would do wonders for them to get out of the staid mid west.

The second suggestion is really Kim Du Toits. Bring back the station wagon. Especially the big ass family truckster kind.


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