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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hero of the Week

Yesterday we looked at the Asshole(s) of the Week, the publisher and managing editor of a small Florida newspaper who decided to publish the names, addresses, and phone numbers of Florida Concealed Handgun Permit holders online without receiving permission from those individuals. This action not only put the CHP holders at risk for home burglary (since they all have valuable firearms at home) but it also put many at risk of personal harm since a number have recieved the CHP as a result of an abusive ex-spouse or because they were the victims of a sexual assault. Thank god Florida now allows you to protect yourself and family no questions asked.

In marked contrast to those assholes, The Washington Post profiles Betty Ostergren, the so called Virginia Watchdog, today.

Ms. Ostergren is spearheading an effective citizens campaign against the rampant disclosure of personal information online by government agencies. As part of her crusade, she has revealed the social security numbers of Tom Delay, CIA Director Porter J. Goss, former secretary of state Colin L. Powell, and Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Post doesn't provide her web address. Here's a link to The Virginia Watchdog. Enjoy!


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