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Monday, May 09, 2005

I Knew Someone Had A Brain

Too bad Metro didn't listen to my suggestion 10 years ago. I guess better late than never, and it sure is nice to see them finally do something smart ($$$ wise), but I still wonder, what took METRO 30 years to figure out the demands of advertisers.
Like giant green billboards rolling down train tracks, Metro's first rail cars wrapped completely in an advertisement debuted on the Orange Line yesterday in an effort the transit agency hopes will bring much-needed revenue.

The new look started yesterday in New Carrollton with a spinach green and radish red background to McDonald's bright golden arches on the sliding doors. The ad campaign is scheduled to last three months, but Metro officials are hoping other deep-pocketed corporations will follow.

Coming soon will be television screens inside trains and buses that will broadcast news, sports scores and, of course, commercials. Tunnel ads -- a series of panel drawings that will appear to move like so many flip cards as the train passes -- could be in place as early as the fall. ATMs and banner ads will debut in stations soon.

While I relish the thought of smart and attractive advertising on metro - its a much needed diversion from the usual puke orange seating - the best thing is its a smart and painless way to generate lots of cash.
Local owners of McDonald's restaurants paid $54,000 to put the ad and motto, "I'm Lovin' It," on the trains. Appearing beneath the windows are the phrases "New Fruit & Walnut Salad" and "get a fruit buzz."
Of course, I'd hope they soon charge more than that . . . . and I expect they will be surprised at how much advertisers are willing to pay (and how creative the marketing wizards of Madison Avenue can be).

Now, if only they would do away with the silly no food rule
To some riders, the ad was an ironic reminder of a Metro rule that is vigorously enforced: It is illegal to eat on the train.


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