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Monday, June 20, 2005

Father's Day

I was mostly sick for most of the day (as I continue to be today) but it was otherwise enjoyable to have my son jump on me saying "Wake Up Daddy. Happy Fathha Day. Lets go to the Pahk."

We ended up crawling into church late and whatever it is that I've caught had me moping around all day, but it was still fun to go to the park - as it always is.

I wonder if the National Father's Day council's "Father's Of The Year" would be willing to waste hours at a playground with their kid? Probably Not! I like Peter King's football coverage but don't agree with him on much politically. I think this issue though, is one we see eye to eye on.
Two men. Ten marriages between them. Here's the Father's Day Note of the Week:

Something called the National Father's Day Council named Larry King and Donald Trump two of its three fathers of the year. According to the New York Post, selection committee chairman Rich Wurtzburger said King and Trump had shown "great dedication to raising their families.''

King has been married seven times, Trump three. And as the Post pointed out, Trump had three young children when he had an affair with Marla Maples in the '80s.

That's the kind of Dad-like example we want to set for the rest of America!

An interview King had with the New York Times showed the kind of husband-like example we like to see.

Said King: "I get amazed at the 50-year marriage. My father-in-law is married 50 years. To me, they've had to compensate a lot more than I did. Compensate, make arrangements, give up things, which I wasn't willing to do.''

That's the spirit! Get married, and then, as soon as you wake up one morning not wanting to be married right then, get divorced! Then get married again! And when you see a prettier woman than your wife, get divorced again and get married to the babe!

Sometimes I really wonder.


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