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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Nightstand Meme

Jeff is asking what's on my nightstand.

The answer: nothing. I have a three year old who is fascinated by guns. There are no guns anywhere he can reach them. However, I do have a 12 gauge Browning BPS 3 short steps from my bed (with shells not too far from it) and I have my SS Colt 1991 in a small safe right in the walk in closet.

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This arrangement, of course, is going to have to change soon. I've been looking at options but we haven't decided on one yet - though we take it day by day.

I pass this onto the following five - some of whom are parent's so their advice will be worth soliciting:

Cowboy Blob proves what we've always known, be prepared.
Les Jones sheds some light on his night-stand.
Jay G puts up an excellent response
The Geek With A 45 (does that answer the question???)
Bitter Bitch - Don't go fuckin with her.

UPDATE: At this juncture everyone but the Geek has responded. Since he's off on vacation somewhere we may have to revisit in a couple of weeks. Anyway, I am left with some parting thoughts.

First, I didn't even think about listing non gun items on my night-stand. In that regard, it includes a table lamp (matching the one on my wife's side of the bed), a telephone, and whatever book I am currently reading (right now Guiliani's Leadership is there as is James Michener's Chesapeake which I am trying - for the umpteenth time - to finish).
Second, I am relieved to see no one else has guns within easy reach of children. My storage solutions seem about right for our situation - though the need for something more substantial grows each and every day. One of those quick access safe's like Bitter has is tempting but I suspect my son can figure out the combination too easily.
Third, I ought to see about getting a big D cell mag-light flashlight.


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