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Friday, August 19, 2005

That's All Folks

Well, I am off.

I leave in the morning to see grandpa and will be returning next week (though don't think of robbing me, as the alarm is on the neighbors include a member of the State Dept's Diplomtic Security Corps, a Security Attache for a European Ally, and a security consultant who does weapons training once a month for Marines right before they embark for the sandbox).

Picking up the slack around here are soem guest bloggers.

Teleboy, who has already introduced himself, is a buddy of mine from lawschool who does a lot of telecom/broadcast/media law and I believe will be writting about that (though if he just wants to post fine looking eye candy, thats fine with me too). Tele, by the way, has more to do with telemarking than his telecom practice (even if he seems to practice law more than his telemark techniques these days).

Ron from Reactuate is also going to watch out for the gun blogging stuff. With any luck, he'll also post some eye candy too (for more, including sexy women in bikini's and latex bondage gear, check out his blog). He also has been blogging on the technical aspects of wordpress - so anyone looking for top notch advice on running a blog with wordpress (or a Mac), you ought to check Reactuate out.

Finally, Steve is a long time friend - and fuck up - who somehow managed to become a doctor between hang overs. I don't know what he's gonna blog about, but if his patients let him find the time, he's promised to post something here too.

In the meantime, I will see you when I get back.

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