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Monday, September 19, 2005

Back For One More

See, SaysUncle is right. Its too tought to stay away, especially when the United Nation's is reporting things like this.

A UNITED Nations report has labelled Scotland the most violent country in the developed world, with people three times more likely to be assaulted than in America.
England and Wales recorded the second highest number of violent assaults while Northern Ireland recorded the fewest.

I probably don't need to let my readers know which of those countries allegeldy has the most firepower owned by private citizens and which have been effectively disarmed over the last few years.

My guess, the NRA will have a field day over this. Read the whole article. Its got a wealth of incredible information. Like, did you know

Violent crime has doubled in Scotland over the past 20 years and levels, per head of population, are now comparable with cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg and Tbilisi.



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