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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jerry Kilgore is an Idiot

What's his problem?

I mean, I would normally vote for the guy without thinking twice. He has an A rating from the NRA and has been a solid friend to gun owners in the past. But, in running to be Virginia's governor he's (well, his incompetent staff who have bungled the camapign every step of the way) decided to pick a fight with the VCDL and have not only refused to turn in their survey (which the Commie Mommie supporting Tim Kaine had no problem doing) but has decided to go out and try to discredit the VCDL.

Mr. Kilgore will not be seeking the group's endorsement, campaign spokesman Tucker Martin said.

"While we have great respect for the members of the VCDL, their President Phillip Van Cleave unfortunately has no credibility on Second Amendment issues and that is why we did not participate," Mr. Martin said, declining to elaborate.

Of course, other Republican's seem to disagree.

House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith, Salem Republican, also was confused by the comment and called Mr. Van Cleave "credible."

"I like Phillip," he said. "He's a sincere and knowledgeable individual when it comes to protecting gun rights."

Here's some more of the outrageous comments this idiot campaign has taken.

  • Kilgore has never received the survey (but it was handed to him personally, sent certified mail, and emailed to him).
  • There was one question that Kilgore didn't want to take a position on and that was why he declined to answer any of the questions.
  • The survey was on Kilgore's desk awaiting his signature.
  • Philip Van Cleave is too hard to work with.
  • The NRA survey and the VCDL survey are the same and they didn't see why both needed to be answered. (I have seen the NRA survey and it is nothing like the VCDL survey.)
  • Philip Van Cleave is antagonistic because he said the Kilgore campaign is following the Earley playbook.

  • And now:

  • Philip Van Cleave has no credibility on Second Amendment issues

In a recent email, VCDL is reporting the following:

The emails on which I have been cc'ed from gun owners across the state run the gamut from *pleading* with Mr. Kilgore to answer the VCDL survey and take a stand on gun rights, to furious gun owners saying that they have removed Kilgore campaign signs from their lawns and offices and Kilgore bumper stickers from their vehicles.

My response has been even more complete. I took the Kilgore sticker off my car and the sign off my front lawn last week. In addition, while I had signed up to do fundraising, I have stopped soliciting donations and will return the one's I've recieved so far if they do not answer the survey. The campaign wants them next week, we will see if they come through. Finally, the jury is still out on whether I will even work election day and staff the polls in my precinct. So far, I haven't really put much effort into it.

Get 'em where it hurts.

It simply makes no sense to me that Kilgore would be so inept to insult one of the 2-3 most active local political groups in Virginia and their 10,000+ members, especially in a race that is going to be decided by less than 1% of the vote.

I certainly don't trust the commie-mommie-supporting-would-be-gun-banning-bigot Tim Kaine. However, kudos to him for stepping up to the plate and paying lip service to the issue. As a gubenatorial candidate, he's probably smart enough to know that gun control ain't gonna fly in Virginia and that he better leave well enough alone. Still, it would be nice to elect a governor who allowed me to carry concealed when I go out to eat - so that I don't have to scare the gun banning bigots that populate Northern Virginia.

At this point, I can't bring myself to vote for Tim Kaine - he could change that pretty easily but I doubt he will say the right thing - and so I guess I will probably not vote at all.


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