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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Pigs Have Flown Again,
This Time In The Times

Who would have believed it.

First, we got this great story on the kids in the sport and then the NY Times decides to go Hog Wild with this gorgeous shot.

Image hosted by

Of another Woman no less!!!

And all within a two weeks of each other (not to mention the famous Vermont Fish Hunt'n one too)

Then, we get these great lines:

Only she knows the true terror of the heart that comes from holding a 7-millimeter rifle while bushwacking down steep trails made by potentially ferocious marauding wild pigs and having your husband turn to you to say, "I think I hear something."

On their editorial page, that would be a "sniper rifle". And lookie here at this one, too.

"Hunters are part of the problem because they sometimes intentionally disperse pigs," said Reginald H. Barrett, a professor of wildlife management at the University of California, Berkeley. "But they are also part of the solution because legal sport hunting literally is the only thing keeping pigs under control."

That, is coming from a Berkley (yeah, thats F'ing right, I said Berkley) professor. Holy Sacramento, Batman!!!

Angelo Garro, a Sicilian-born wrought-iron artist and forager who is revered by San Francisco foodies as a cook and bon vivant, waits to hunt in fall, when the pigs binge on acorns. He describes the meat, which he roasts on a spit with wild fennel, rosemary, red peppercorn and olive oil, as sweet and slightly gamey. "You don't do it to kill," he said. "You do it to have an experience in the outdoors. Then you share what you've got with family and friends, an incredible sensuous meal like you sometimes see in Italian movies."

Would you ever believe the NY Times would describe playing with guns in such MOUTHWATERING terms???

Days later, Mrs. Straub was back in her cubicle at work, still zonked from scurrying up and down pig trails, relishing the freedom she'd felt, so different from typing budget reports. Her sense of triumph persisted and her pork politics remained clear. "I don't believe in killing animals for recreation," she said. "But if you use them as game, that's what the cycle of life is all about."

What a fine ending to a fine article, and here's the happy hunter with quarry and all.

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Its enough to make a guy return from sabbatical.


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