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Monday, September 19, 2005

Just one more post

I promise. I am really heading off on my blogging sabbatical after this.

Saysuncle can't be right so soon.

Its just that I'm depressed after a miserable day prowling the corridors of power in the nation's capital.

Here's my quick hit thoughts today.

1st, Glenn Reynold's Quixotic quest to cut pork is noble, but also futile . I've just spent the day in meeting after meeting listening to lobbyist after lobbyist and politician after politician searching for ways to find more pork in the budget to fund more worthless projects and coalitions from which they can take their greedy little share. These people aren't looking at cutting spending, or raising taxes. They are just looking to spend spend spend. And, notwithstanding the press releases and high profile interview statements, they aren't looking to spend it on New Orleans either.

Its despicable, but in the end the lobbyists win. Glenn loses because every pork project in DC has a powerful interest who thinks its the most imporant thing in the world (and someone else's most important thing in the world deserves to be cut instead) and a powerful lobbyist who gets to take a size able cut from whatever coalition is pushing whatever appropriation ( which happens to be the super lucrative job the congress critter dreams of after retirement/defeat) and nothing is going to change anything.

Least of all getting a powerful Committee chairman to give up his bridge to nowhere.

2nd, China is going to win in the end. We simply can't compete with them. They have caught up with us on the technological/manufacturing front and will soon surpass Japan in terms of R&D savy. They have no human rights, let alone worker rights, and hence no outrageous liberal pipe dream issues to deal with. They have no run away tort system or me first and the rest of the comrades be damned mentality either (see point #1). End result, a billion Chinese willing to work long and hard for very little.

Say goodbye to America's worldwide dominance.

I'm just slightly depressed. Its been a crappy day.


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