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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Jersey and the Second Amendment


Long story short.

I had drafted a rather lengthy post - complete with pictures - of how the 2nd Amendment is hanging on in New Jersey. Went to post it - and its lost to the abyss that is blogger.

Have I told you blogger sucks???

Anyway, visited two great shops in New Jersey this last weekend. Both with impressive firearms selections.

The first, Sportsman's Center had hunting rifles and shotguns, lots of handguns, some cowboy action stuff, and a couple of AR15s (not to mention the best display of reloading equipement I ever saw and a great collection of trophys). Harry's was 5 minutes down the road and might have even been bigger.

But thats not the big story. The big story is I introduced a 9 year old from New Jersey to firearms and took him trap shooting. My mom, who had never fired a gun, also went along and had so much fun, when we went to the parents country club for dinner she convinced two of her friends - and one of their husbands - to join me the next time I came up.

Yep, thats 2 new members of the nation of riflemen with 3 more potential recruits - and all in New Jersey. Its enough to make me do the happy dance nude, but as I said, Blogger lost the post.

I'll try to recreate it when I have some time - pictures and all.


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