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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yaser Alamoodi, Liar or Idiot

The Best of the Web ran this update yesterday:

In October 2004 Alamoodi gave an interview to the New Times, a Phoenix alternative weekly. It seems that with a presidential debate coming to town, the FBI had visited Alamoodi to conduct some prophylactic questioning, which gave rise to this exchange in the New Times interview:

NT: If they do come back, just ask them to take you out to dinner that night. You'll have the perfect alibi: "I couldn't have bombed the presidential debates; I was out to dinner with the FBI."

Alamoodi: I'm all dangerous now. Man, I haven't gotten laid so much in my life as I did after 9/11.

NT: So all at once you were hot with white chicks after September 11?

Alamoodi: Girls always confuse sympathy with sex. And guys are always up for it. And I'm not gonna say no.

Now, far be it from me to criticize the academic prowness of anyone representing the fine students at ASU and fighting to make it a "serious academic institution" but I have to wonder about Alamoodi's veracity or at least understanding of the situation.

College is generally a 4 year - or in some cases 5 year - journey through liberal swamps. 9/11 happened over 5 years ago. On the off-off chance that it occurred at the START of his freshman year, in 2001, he would have graduated this last spring. However, if he is currently a senior (ie; starting his 4th year) then he would not have enrolled in ASU until August/September 2002.

My point?? Well, lets just say the average guy ALWAYS gets laid more in college than in high school (well, at least in my generation). Mr. Alamoodi is lying about the number of white chicks who want to get it on with terrorists or his simply doesn't realize the very basic fact that he got more action when he started college simply because he was in college.

Either way, my guess is he isn't majoring in rocket science.


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