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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Best Gun Blogs

Well, as Jeff so adroitly points out, Gun Bloggers Have Been Snubbed Again. Yep, thats right, as usual the Bloggies don't have a catagory for best gun blog even though the gun bloggers compromise a pretty heft share of the overall blogsphere (heck, the Insta Daddy could even be called one).

Anyway, since no one else has done it, I figured I might as well run my own Best of the Gun Bloggers poll right here.
Send in your nominations - by email or comment - between now and . . . lets say January 14th. I'll compile the nominations and then throw up a gun bloggers poll for everyone to use and vote on. If you have suggestions for prizes, let me know those too. Right now, I was thinking maybe I could award some neat cartridges as awards. Say a .50 BMG for the top daddy and other calibers for 2nd (44 Mag?) and 3rd (38 Spl?). If you've got ideas for that, send 'em in!

UPDATE In the comments, Jeff Soyer has listed a bunch of different categories. Check them out and if your going to nominate someone, please also include a general description of the category you think they should be nominated in. For example - Alphecca (Best News Aggregator or Best News Roundup) or Gullyborg (Best Carnival) or Heads Bunker (Best F(g)unsmithing) etc etc)

UPDATE January 14th, 12:30 am: Thanks for your patience. We've got lots of good nominations and lots of good suggestions. Since this only landed in Gullyborg's Carnival of Cordite today, I am going to keep the comments open through the weekend. I am working on the ground rules, coding the various polls, and preparing the PR materials necessary for the Gunnies. Look for it on Tuesday January 17th. In the meantime, if someone could design a logo - I'm thinking something based on the .50 BMG, that would be terrific. Oh yeah, and we have some prizes for this too. If you've got something you might want to donate to one of the winners, let me know and I'll try to arrange it.

Right now, as I envision it, the Gunnies will be judging blogs in a set number of categories - I am thinking between 7 and 10. The winner of each category will then move on - along with some "at large" nominees (the process in which they are determined will be explained later) - for a final voting on the Best of the Gunnies. A very generous reader and blogger has donated what I can assure you is a terrific prize to the winner. The details of that, and more, will be posted on Tuesday the 17th of January 2006.

UPDATEJanuary 17th, 8:00 am The Rules and Categories for nominations have been posted.


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