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Monday, February 27, 2006

Only Cops Should Have Guns part II (update)

The FBI is now looking into the murder by an off duty Alexandia police officer of Aaron Brown.

Yet, the blue wall of silence remains firm.

"The car was coming toward him, and he was in fear for his life," Amy Bertsch, an Alexandria police spokeswoman, said yesterday.

Then why did he jump in front of the car?

How do you reconcil that with the fact that he shot the side of the car?

Police also told them that four or five bullets hit the car, including one in the driver's side rear door and one on a rear quarter-panel.

Do cars move left to right and not front to back??

"The cop is to blame. I want his badge," said Susan Rauch, 19. She attended Northern Virginia Community College with Brown, traveled to Germany with him last summer with the Annandale high school choir and had gone to the prom with him and a group of other students.

Susan is right, the cop is to blame.

But his badge is the least he should lose. How 'bout his freedom?

Why isn't this scum bags name known?

Why isn't he sitting behind bars, like the common killer he is?

Will Alexandria prosecutor Randolph Sengel seek the death penalty?


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