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Monday, March 06, 2006

One Hell Of A Review

By Thomas Perry

Some mystery writers publish multiple books each year and have highly visible public personas. Mr. Perry is less fast and less flashy. He does have a Web site featuring the sound of gunshots — but, as he admits, there's not much else happening there. The author has been too busy to show off.

As he explains it: "I've been working at developing narratives in which we see and understand the complexity of motive, temperament and history that a character brings when he comes into collision with other characters. This has required steady, uninterrupted attention and kept me fully amused and preoccupied." That last sentence is of course about Mr. Perry's writing experience. But it perfectly describes how enjoyably and powerfully "Nightlife" connects with the reader.

It's about a female serial killer. I might have to actually go out and buy it.


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