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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another DC Ban

I love to discuss how worthless the DC Gun Ban is at this blog, but apparently there is another ban in DC that seems just as ignored.

It's the law that nearly everyone supports -- and nearly everyone ignores. In the year and a half since the District began restricting drivers' cell phone use, police say they have issued thousands of tickets to violators. But for every driver silenced with a $100 fine, many others are still out there talking on hand-held phones, casually disregarding the law.

Am I surprised? No, but not just because its nearly as impossible to enforce (violators of this ban actualy contribute $$$$ to DCs coffers and we know how much they love that). Rather, cause folks in DC just don't have respect for the law.

And how can they, when the corrupt and incompetent Chuck Ramsey is the head of the criminal and incompetent police force.

"The numbers bear that out -- if they see it, they write it," Ramsey said in a recent interview. "Sometimes an officer uses discretion. I don't know if they're going to stop for a cell phone when they're going to a robbery in progress. Sometimes things get busy."

And Ramsey urged people to report any officers they see breaking the law.

You see, I actually did witness (and report) someone talking, recklessly driving, and a cop ignoring them once. You see, it was DC Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans, one of the proponent of the cell phone ban. As I stated last summer:

In January 2004, the DC City Council passed the Distracted Driving Act 12-1. Amongst those voting in favor of it was Ward 2 Council Member Jack Evans.

Well, I guess you would image my surprise as I sat in a taxi cab today driving down H street - from Connecticut Ave to NY Ave - at about 11:10 a.m. and watched as Council Member Jack Evans sat behind the wheel of his swerving black Chrysler Sebring Convertible with DC License Plates that said simply DC COUNCIL WARD 2 in the lane next to us chatting on a cell phone the whole way and almost causing an accident. Needless to say, the cop we passed at the corner of H and 15th paid no notice to Mr. Evan's lawlessness.

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Not only did I seek - and fail to receive - a response from the law breaker himself, but the DC police department never responded to my inquiry either.


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