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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Is Jeanna Jackson DeVoe Serious?

This has to be some of the most mealy liberal tripe I've read in years.

Yet, as the mother of two boys who were weaned on PBS and,until recently, never allowed even a water gun, I know children will turn sticks and fingers and Lego blocks into guns and swords. And part of me feels like boys have a natural inclination to play games that involve good guys and bad guys and battles. And this doesn't necessarily mean they're naturally more violent than girls. They just need some way to pretend they are strong and powerful

Lady, let me tell you something. No matter what your idiot liberal sensibilities might demand, they are wrong. Boys/men are indeed naturally more violent than girls/women. Its just a simple fact of nature. You can have all the Alan Alda television specials on men with feelings that you want, but it doesn't change the simple fact that men are predisposed to greater levels of violence than women.

And, for what its worth, when your kid turns into a mass murderer, don't blame the gun . . . blame the weird unnatural thoughts all those years of PBS infected his brain with.


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