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Monday, January 08, 2007

Cat Stevens Is Still A Terrorist Shithead

In comments, responding to my post on Cat Steven's being a Terrorist Shit head, posted the following:

Cat Stevens is not a terrorist and you are a complete idiot for believing he is. Grow up and do some research - not in the neocon right idiotic message boards and articles - but real research. Research all the awards and honors he has received from non-Islamic sources. Actually, just go to, put in "Cat Stevens" or "Yusuf Islam" in the search box and look at the photos.

Og (who is from Indiana, I believe, where I have been traveling to a lot lately), showing his usual wit and grace responded so that I didn't have to.

Cat Stevens is a muslim. Muslims by their conviction believe that all non muslims be converted or enslaved and all other religions be forced out of existence. Maybe YOU should do some research, you cowardly fuckard.

Cat Stevens is a spoiled brat kid, a moron, and bereft of any actual independant thought whatsoever.

I don't give a flying fuck how many awards he has recived, you can't wax a turd. Why would I want to look at pictures of such an asshole?

Go Og Go!!!

Can't wax a turd . . . that might be my new favorite expression. Heck, I already used it today at work :)


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