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Friday, January 05, 2007

Prosecute Bloomberg

I'll Be There, Will You?!?!?!?!?!


Maniacal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors'
Coalition Against Illegal Guns will be meeting for a one day
"National Summit" at the DC Capitol Hilton (corner of 16th and K at
1001 16th Street NW) on Tuesday, January 23rd - see

Bloomy's summit runs from 9:30 AM until 2:30 PM followed by an
evening reception at 5 PM at the Capitol Hilton.

VCDL's headquarters will be at the nearby Crowne Plaza Hotel at 14th
and K, where at 2:00 PM we will rally members and hand out picket
signs, and march on to the Capitol Hilton 2 blocks away to begin

Bloomberg is a threat to Virginia and all gun owners - we need VCDL
members to show up in numbers on the 23rd in DC! Spouses, friends
and kids welcome! Make a day of it and see some sights in the

Here is the schedule of events:

1:30 PM: **Possible** Press Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
(14th & K) - we are investigating this right now

2:00 PM: Board Members Jim Snyder & Dennis O'Connor rally troops in
front of the Crown Plaza and hand out picket signs.

2:15 PM: I will lead the march over to the Capitol Hilton, just as
Bloomy and his anti-gun cronies are finishing their summit

2:30 - 5:30 PM: "Prosecute Bloomberg" rally outside the Capitol
Hilton - we hope to have an especially large turnout at 5 PM when
Bloomberg and his buddies are sipping white wine at their anti-gun
reception inside the Capitol Hilton!

5:30 - ? PM: Post rally fellowship at a nearby restaurant or hotel
(optional, pay as you go)

We anticipate lot's of press coverage and will be taking our own
pictures and documentary films - we will have handouts for you to
give the press, or interested passersby, to explain what we
are doing. Try to point me out to the press if they come your way.

Logistics: Everyone needs to mapquest & plan their routes into
downtown DC ahead of time to get there on time. If driving, arrive
by 1 PM to find a place to park. If traveling by Metro, the
McPherson Metro Station is closest to the Crown Plaza at 1400 I St.
NW, Washington, DC (Blue * orange lines). **Bring water, warm
clothing, and Guns Save Lives Buttons if you have them** - making
your own sign is a plus but not required! If the Capitol Hilton
staff blocks our access to the hotel for humanitarian bathroom use,
we will **report them to the UN** ;-) . . . but ,
push-come-to-shove, we should all be able to use lobby bathrooms at
the nearby Crowne Plaza. For overnight stays there are lots of
hotels in DC, but hotels outside the beltway are probably cheaper.

RSVP: Send me an email if you can pledge to come - I would like to
get a head-count. Officer Radzilowski of the DC police told me that
VCDL does NOT need an assembly permit so long as the assembly does
NOT block pedestrian or vehicular traffic on the sidewalks, cross
walks, street, or entrance to the hotel.

Can you come after 2 PM? Of course, you are welcome at any time!
But VCDL needs you at 2 PM through 5:30 PM if possible.

And if you live in Alexandria, Norfolk, or Petersburg, you REALLY
need to come and try to button hole YOUR MAYOR who is part of
Bloomberg's Mayors' Coalition Against Guns - and ask him why he is
collaborating with someone who has conspired to break federal and
Virginia laws.

We also need to have some (relatively clean) chants made up for each
of these three mayors (like "Shame, shame on Mayor Fraim").

Special thanks to EM Mike Stollenwerk for heading up this effort!



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