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Monday, January 01, 2007

Its 2007!!

Happy New Year!!

Hope 2007 brings you luck and good fortune.

No real resolution this year, though I do have some goals, the execution of which will be priorities

1) Introduce my forthcoming son to the world and help his brother adjust to his new role as the big brother.

2) Set up a more traditional law office ... I'll still do the national enviro policy stuff, but I'd like to start doing some estate planning and local corporate and personal work. Anyone need a will? Want to set up a corporation? Discounted rates for my blog readers!!

3) Get back into biking (road and mountain), teach my son how to ride a bike (he got a little mountain bike with training wheels for Xmas), and get out into the mountains more.

4) Watch my diet at work (I work in the food industry, the expense account lunches can add calories real fast)

5) Home improvements - restore our backyard garden to its pre pregnancy splendor, refinish our hardwood floors, refinish our kitchen (floor, cabinents, oven), refinish basement bathroom (the last one to update)

There ya go - a bit ambitious, but I have 365 days to get it done. Plus, If I execute 3 and 4 as planned, I don't need to put losing weight down as a goal.


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