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Monday, January 26, 2004

Another Loser For Clark

Well, it looks like the Candidate of the Clinton's is in trouble. USA Today
is reporting that he stands a distant third, and falling in New Hampshire. Meanwhile, CNN's latest shows Joe Lieberman passing Clark in the polls as we head into the final stretches in New Hampshire.

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal's James Taranto reported in his Friday Best of the Web column that Wesley Clark hoped picking up the endorsement of the inept and racist former mayor of New York City, David Dinkins would help his campaign out. Like his recent embarrassment with Michael Moore, Clark has picked another fine one to hang his hat with.

As Taranto points out:

When elected, Dinkins was supposed to be a "racial healer," New York having recently been roiled by a couple of high-profile racist crimes committed by whites against blacks.

Instead, during the Dinkins administration almost every summer saw an outbreak of racial violence--the difference being that the perpetrators belonged to "oppressed" minorities. It took Rudy Giuliani to bring real racial peace to New York by getting tough on crime in a colorblind way.

Such a disaster was Dinkins that New York, not exactly a GOP stronghold, has not elected a mayor running as a Democrat in more than 14 years.

As I stated last week, I've got my own story on this racist piece of s*#%! Here it is:

In January of 1994 I was lucky enough to land an internship with Friends of the Earth, U.K. in merry old London, England. It was set up through school and we were set to ship out right after New Years, the first weekend of January. My then girlfriend (now wife) also went with me and continued her art studies in London. Since she didn't want to travel alone, I was going to catch the U.S. Air shuttle and fly from Newark to D.C. a couple of days before our flight left Dulles for Heathrow.

Well, as anyone who lived in the Mid Atlantic at that time remembers, the Winter of 1994 was one of the worst ever with something like 10 storms dropping over 8 inches of snow (or so they tell me). The first of those storms hit big time on January 7, canceling my flight to National. Luckily, my father works in Newark, NJ and knows his way around. He was able to get my large duffle bag, my backpack, and me to Penn Station in order to catch the last train to Washington.

Since it was a bad storm, shutting all airports down, the train was pretty crowded, though most in my car were in relatively good spirits. I say most, because Former Mayor Dinkins was sitting across the aisle from me (Rudy Giuliani had been sworn in the previous weekend). Turns out, D.C. Mayor for Life Marion Barry was getting married that weekend, and Dinkins and his wife were going to attend the wedding. Well, Dinkins was not happy to be forced to mix with the common folks. He quickly put a few drinks in him, as he loudly announced his disgust to his wife. As the drinks stated adding up, Dinkins began making quite a scene, getting visibly upset when a commuter standing over him leaned in too close.

Eventually, I found myself standing behind him on the snack bar line, where he was ordering another drink. It was pretty crowded, and the bar tender was completely overworked, and by mistake, he gave Dinkins a nickel instead of a quarter for change. This, apparently, was too much and Dinkins let out a verbal assault on the poor Amtrak worker (a Union member too!), accusing him of racism (he thought he was short changed because he was black) and when the bar tender apologized and went to get a quarter for him, Dinkins started yelling that "he should never turn his back on him," "do you know who I am," "I am a powerful man and I could get you fired," and that if he wasn't such a "peaceful, timid, man he would hop over the counter and beat the s#&% out" of him. (Those, btw, are all pretty accurate quotes ... or at least the best I can do 10 years later). Eventually, his wife came, grabbed him, and sat him down. As people would look at him (no one really said anything to him ... I think we were all too happy he wasn't mayor any more) he again started in with the racism charges, directed at anyone and everyone who caught his eye,.

Needless to say, it made for quite an interesting train trip. When we finally arrived in D.C., I was forced to wait in line behind his wife to use the pay phone (this was back in the day when most Americans didn't have cell phones). She called Marion Barry's house and while not indicate that her husband caused an out burst on the train, did recount that it was a horrible journey, they treated them like cattle, and they needed to do something about it.

With endorsements from people like this, who really needs votes anyway?


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