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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Cool Stat.

Today is a fabulous day in DC. Bright, sunny, and unseasonably warm. After the last month of ice, snow, ice, rain, cold, wind, ice, slush, ice, cold 45 and sunny is a welcome change.

After taking a leisurely lunchtime stroll, I headed back to my computer and made some phone calls (I'm trying to set up a meeting for Friday). While waiting on hold I thought it a good opportunity to check the sites user statistics. They have been fairly consistent the last week. After a huge spike from Volokh's mention and the Boobenfreude stuff, things are settling down here. One point of interest though is that apparently 9% of my visitors come from the UTC 9 time zone - right through the heart of Australia, Philippines, Japan and China. Not sure who over there likes me, but welcome to the site. I guess I can really say I am international (of course that puts added pressure on me to correct the typos and technical problems (the search function isn't placed right either) and respond to some comments about my Kerry posts).


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