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Friday, February 20, 2004

What's Wrong With John Edwards?

Radio personality, former Nixon speechwriter, former Reagan Attorney, and conservative superstar Hugh Hewitt has offered John Kerry a spot as co-host, on any and all days and times between now and Super Tuesday on Hugh's widely syndicated radio show. Why hasn't he accepted yet?

As Glen Reynolds points out, Edwards deserves to lose if he passes this opportunity up. (Of course, if he passes it up in favor of a more highly rated show (like Rush's), well then its understandable.

People, Republican or Democrat, its vital that we stop John Kerry from getting the nomination. I trust George Bush to beat any candidate the Democrats put in front of him ... but as Peggy Noonan has pointed out (and here), the strength of our nation is tied to a strong two party system. Kerry as Democratic nominee will take them to a place left of Howard Dean, and in a manner with less principle than Bill Clinton.


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