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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Me and Mr. Johnson

Tim Sandefur picked up the new Eric Clapton album, Me and Mr. Johnson and really likes it. I'm gonna second that recommendation. I dowloaded my copy from theiTunes music store last night and while I haven't listened to the whole album what I heard was Clapton's usual impressive self. I also downloaded a long time favorite of mine, Donald Fagen's Nightfly and listened to that instead. It jogged lots of memories of my many illicit Manhattan adventures. I can fairly say that for a period of time in the early 90s, when I spent considerable time prowling the nightclubs and jazz bars of Manhattan, the Nightfly was my theme song. Its incredible to think I haven't been in the City in over five years ... though I'll be returning (and blogging) during the upcoming Republican National Convention.


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