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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Democrats, Party of Raciscm and Oppression.

Looks like the Democrats are fighting to reclaim their proper place as America's home for racists, bigots, and oppressors.

First it was slavery. . . .

Then came segregation. . . . .

That was followed by a forced social structure that destroyed schools and created a reliance on government programs. . . . .

Which preceded their refusal to allow minority children to recieve an education equal to that of the pampered offsprings of the rich limousine liberals. . . .

Finally, last week, it was Chris Dodds defense of Robert Byrd's Klu Klux Klan membership.

Now, to make matters worse, they've started the liberal (re: rich, ivy league educated, white upperclass) radio network and are actually squashing the voice of African Americans.
Air America Radio’s takeover of WLIB-AM is the final nail in the coffin of the right of Blacks to access the airwaves. The fundamental concerns, however, are the rights to enjoy one’s cultural heritage; to exercise one’s natural rights; and to be free of the badges of slavery. Yet, it is more troubling when our people are unable to connect the loss of access to the airwaves to these fundamental rights.
Another Amsterdam News story describes the quagmire as such:
"We are excited about the diverse and important voices Air America Radio is bringing to the airwaves, both on our own WLIB signal and others," said ICBC Chairman Pierre Sutton. "This strategic partnership allows both companies to combine our resources and deliver relevant messages to a broad and diverse audience."

"That’s what you call ‘high-class B.S.!’" one former WLIB staffer said when told that Mr. Sutton said the station’s changes were necessary because Blacks had just stopped listening to WLIB. The former staffer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, insisted that, if WLIB’s talk shows were promoted the way conservative talk shows are—and the way Air America’s shows will be—the station would have made money.
. . .
"All of the talk should be organic, from within the Black community," he insisted. "How can they think about coming into New York with a package program like this? We have people here already who know radio, who can do shows. And they want to come in with a program from other people trying to talk to Black people in New York City? [WLIB] is just a station that has been stripped of what it’s supposed to be!"
. . . .
"I don’t know how Air America is going to broaden the reaches of ’LIB," said one radio personality who chose to speak anonymously about the situation. "How is this going to impact the Black community? As far as I’ve heard, they’ve got a couple of Whites who just really want to go after Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and all the others. You can’t convince me that that’s going to be something good for Black and Hispanic people."

Mr. Brath agreed with that analysis: "You’ve got people here in New York who believe in Black culture, so I don’t see why they’re ... they’re like outsourcing, in a sense. In reality, what the station needs is to have some people who know the community and can speak to its needs."

Yep, Democrats and Racists.
Perfect Together. Always have been, always will be.


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