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Saturday, April 03, 2004

The Retreat

Well, I didnt't get these up last night. Please excuse me. I ended up falling to sleep awfully early. Anyway, our retreat was at the stunningWye River Plantation. This historic property on the eastern shore is in a great location, completly removed from Washington, D.C. but only 70 something minutes away.

Its been the site of some famous events, like the 1998 Middle East Peace Talks and Elian Gonzalez's temporary reprieve from Castro. Most exciting for me though are that Paul Reed Smith guitars are made down the road. Hopefully, one day, I can justify the expense of getting one (or I will win one this fall)

Here's some of the pics. Sadly, unlike Glenn Reynolds, I can't afford a nice new Nikon D70. Still, my Kodak DX3900 still takes pretty decent pics for a point and shoot - and If I want something serious, I take out my Nikormat El and shoot Kodachrome 64.

I thought this was a great scultpture