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Monday, April 12, 2004

Passionate about Italy

The small town of Matera in Italy's Basilicata region is hoping its association with the Passion of the Christ (the movie was shot on location here) will result in increased tourism.
"We are off the beaten path, I don't have too many illusions," said Rosalia Giura Longo, who runs the Italia hotel and whose photo with Gibson hangs in the lobby alongside a thank-you note he wrote her. "But this year it looks like things are moving."

My suggestion, tourists should ALWAYS seek out unique towns such as this ... that are off the beaten path. You will invariably find the most unique experience, with locals willing to give you epecially insightful views on the local culture and top ofthe line service at local restaurants excited about your presence and the opportunity to conect with the outside world. Its true where ever you go, be it Italy, Romania, Sweden, or simply Quincy, Illinois.

I haven't been to Matera, but based upon the pictures I have seen, it looks simply fascinating. I hope to visit soon.


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