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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Chattanoogan Gun Fun

As I promised earlier, the posts about the last trip will continue to trickle in over the next few days.

In light of the Washington Post article on Open Carry today, I thought I would post a bit about my gun experience. Sadly, none of the really good firearms pictures came out. Not sure why, but I know I need a new digital camera. Luckily, one did. Since Jeff at Alphecca likes photos in our gun posts, how's this for some tasty porn?

Counterclockwise from the top left -
The Walther P22 in .22lr
The Berretta .25
The Glock 23 in .40S&W
and the Colt Model 1911 in .45 ACP (This ones actually killed communists).

We took all of these to the local quarry/hole in the ground/range in our quaint little town and proceeded to blast the heck out of a whole lot of stuff. I of course, as I mentioned earlier, put a couple of thousand rounds through the Glock. I have about 750 rounds of old repackaged ammo from the early 90s I wanted to get rid of. Its awfully smoky stuff, but was pretty darn accurate - and guess what - no KaBoom. I also had about a 1000 rounds of Cabellas bulk to blow through. Good Good Fun, and again - no KaBoom.

The .22 and .25, while fun, provide no where near the fireworks of the two bigger ones and hence saw limited action.

The Colt is the grandpa of them all. It is my father in law's and has served him throughout a 30 year military career and now as a private citizen. He purchased it in Korea in the early 60s, used it extensively along the DMZ in Korea as well as during his multiple tours in Vietnam. After the war, he spent a good deal of time in Germany and along the Russian Border, often engaging with the communist forces. He even used it in the middle east - in Iran and Iraq during the late 70s while teaching Armor Tactics to the Shah’s army. Its a beauty, hellaciously accurate, and has been extensively tinkered with by various army gunsmiths.

As for the SKS - well, I did not end up getting one. I'll post more on it later, but basically with the exception of the Chinese Norinco models I couldn't find any for sale locally. Looks like an Aim Surplus purchase is in the works though.


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