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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

More Assault Weapons Ban Stuff

In a very nice post, Conservative and Right asks and answers the questions why would Feinstein sponsor a bill and issue press conferences about the AWB if she has no intention of acting on it?
Because it's a political tactic. To the American public, it sounds great to support the Assault Weapons Ban. The surface of this issue sounds great. "No one needs to own a machine gun," the Average American thinks. Of course they don't. That's why fully automatic weapons were outlawed in 1934. The AWB bans semi-automatic weapons based on their appearance, not lethality. So Feinstein has her name attached to this "good sounding" ban, and she can put the blame on the President for not having it renewed, all the while avoiding defeat in the House and the Senate by not introducing the Ban again. It's a win/win political strategy.

My advice is to educate yourself about this ban. Check out the statistics, and the wording of the polls Feinstein and Schumer use. Check out what rank and file police officers think about the ban. Make an informed decision, and push your Congressperson to allow the ban to expire.

Check out her blog. While I disagree slightly with her (I think we all should have machine guns - and I would if I didn't have to save for my kids college education) she understands the fraud that Feinstein are trying to pull her. And, after one of her commentators pointed this out she seems to have accepted it.

Check her out.


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