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Monday, February 07, 2005

Prude Pride

The Mrs. (as in Mrs. She Who Shall not Be Named) hits one out of the park with her piece on Prude Pride!! Its especially fitting after listening to my wife describe the reactions at her office when two spoiled little rich bimbos dressed like Paris Hilton and her slutty friend came into the office (complete with toy poodle) looking for "like, an easy receptionist job." Popular culture is slowing eroding the basic fabric of the country and once again, on the morning after the Superbowl, forcing us to come to terms with the erosion of America's moral underpinnings.

I mean, Dildo's in department stores?? Is that really what it has to come down to?

That said, I should note that two of the most delightful things on TV last night were the purposly offensive Go TV ad as well as the Simpson's Super Bowl special.


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