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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Fitness Blogging #6

Today was a pretty easy day.

We went to Cafe Bonaparte for brunch this morning. I ordered a Santorini (Sauteed Spinach, Ricotta & Feta Cheese wrapped in a crepe) and a coffee and my wife ordered a Monaco (Sliced turkey breast & Swiss cheese wrapped in a crepe). Each order comes with two crepes so my wife and I decided to each try one of each (ie: we split/shared) and then gave some (each) to our son to try.

AM Snack While walking out of Bonaparte we passed an interesting ice cream shop, Isee Icy and stopped in. As the Washington Post suggests, it is well worth the visit. They make argentine gelato - its a lot like the Italian Gelato I grew up with, but with more fat and cream and good things like that. My son ordered a vanilla gelato in a cone and about died over it. I couldn't resist (if M&Ms are a weakness, ice cream is like heroin to me) and ordered a chocolate cone. Its was heavenly. I highly recommend a visit if your in Georgetown. Following the cone, btw, I also had a bottle of water.

DinnerBeing a gorgeous day, we grilled out tonight. I put some steaks, seasoned corn-on-the-cob, and big old stuffed heirloom tomatoes on the grill. While cooking them I enjoyed an ice cold bottle of Otter Creek Copper Ale. Mmm Mmm Mmm. As for my actual dinner, I had maybe 10 ounces of steak, one cob of seasoned sweet corn, and a tomato stuffed with seasoning and croutons. I drank a couple of glasses of ice water too. For desert I had a piece of carrot cake (350 calories).

PM Snack A couple of more glasses of water and 12 ounces of Coca Cola Classic right before bed (eeer, before writing this and then going to bed)

Activity I wasn't nearly as active as I hoped to be this weekend. With my parents in town my ability to excercise was somewhat limited (and the ability to run errands was really limited), still we had a great visit and did a lot of walking, especially this morning as we walked up and down and around Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown to Dunbarton Oaks and the park next door (and the Tudor House).

Oh, and for whatever its worth, I weighed my self on the same scale I always do this morning and I clocked in at 200 even. My guess is that any weight loss has been the result of lost water, and not actual shedding of fat yet.


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