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Monday, June 13, 2005

Fitness Blogging #7

Well, the heat was oppressive today and the humidity was even worse, still I did manage to ride my bike into work though I suspect I slipped behind at dinner.

I woke at 6:30 am and weighed in at 201 on the new scale in my bathroom. Dressed and hopped on my bike for a 56 minute ride (about 14 miles) to work with an average heart rate of 141 BPM and a maximum heart rate of 174 BPM.

2 cups of ½ oatmeal and ½ whole milk (300 calories – 95 from fat)
1 Cup of earl grey tea.

AM Snack
I went to donate blood today but was denied . Apparently if you have spend cumulatively more than 3 months in the United Kingdom since 1980 you are ineligible to donate blood. That must eliminate 3/4s of DC residents. They did however, give me a bottle of deer park water.

Turkey and Provolone six inch sub at subway. Toppings included lettuce and tomato, oil and vinegar, green peppers, and oregano.

Rocco's Pizza in McLean does a family night special on Mondays, all you can eat pasta for $6.95. The wife and son got that, I passed and ordered Veal Parmesan. Mmm Mmm Mmm. It came with a salad (oil and vinegar please) and for desert I had my spumoni and half of my sons. Plus one lollypop and a cup of coffee.


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