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Monday, June 13, 2005

RCOB Moment

So you want to talk about media bias?

Try this on for size.

How to Get Rid of a Gun

But I couldn't have adopted the weapons in good faith, anyway. I'd made a promise to Elizabeth. So one slow spring day I went to the garage, took out the handguns -- and smashed them with a 15-pound ax. I shattered the butt of the .38. I disfigured the barrel of the .25. I chased the Glock and the Smith & Wesson around the garage as they bounced from each blow. My hands began to burn from the repeated swinging. My lower back ached. But I eventually rendered the guns useless.

I put the guns in an industrial-strength trash bag. But then I imagined some kids rummaging around a suburban landfill and finding them, which made me picture the violent opening scene of a made-for-TV movie. So I added garden dirt and poured in some old paint. Then I added more, and I shook the sack and rolled it around. I picked up the bag and threw it in the trash. Then I called Elizabeth and reported that the job was done.

Written by the executive editor of Skiing Magazine. Not surprisingly, he lives in Boulder, Colordao. Read the entire article and then ask yourself if you will ever buy that crappy publication (Skiing Magazine) again.


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