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Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday Morning Chicks With Guns

Well, this is actually Monday Evening Chicks With Guns.

So what? Like, what are you gonna do, shoot me??

Anyway, in light of the delay (well I forgot about it) in getting this up today, I am doing something special and highlighting a couple of particular babilicious babes with guns.

First up, Ms. Raquel Welch.

We've looked at this hottie before, but I thought we could do it again.
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Mmmm Mmm mmmm. I do love those fine lever actions.
This gets me ALL hot and bothered.
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Now, in light of her recent Michael Jackson level lunacy - stumbling across this picture sort of shocked me. Don't really know where she comes down on the whole RKBA issue - I suspect she sides with Rosie O though now that she is a practicing religious/cult nut and a mummy she seems to have dropped the whole slut lesbian bi sexual thing. Its too bad, cause Madonna was hot when she was a slut.

And nothing is hotter than a slut with a gun.

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Well, except Ms. Welch.

God she was gorgeous.


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