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Friday, August 12, 2005

Gun Bigots

Well, its not from the official blog, but it appears Tim Kaine's supporters are nothing butgun banning bigots. Either that, or they really are as misinformed as they make themselves out to be.

I was hoping for better from Mr. Kaine, and I guess I will still hold out some hope - but the more I hear from his supporters the more I am convinced that he is nothing but a two faced anti American gun banning pinko.

Jerry Kilgore would like you to think that Tim Kaine will take away your guns. This is about as likely as Tim Kaine taking away your goggles. How does the concept that Tim Kaine might support background checks at gun shows or the mere idea that he may not support laws that protect negligent gun dealers who might be sued for selling guns to criminals, turn into “no guns for anyone”?

Thats just the opening paragraph.

Its worth noting that Tim Kaine was a big time early supporter of the trial lawyers and gun banners predatory lawsuits aimed at the firearms industry.

Here's the response I put up on his blog vis a vis the so called gun show loophole.

There is no gun show loophole. Its another lie, brought to you by the Sarah Brady, Teddy Kennedy, and the Commie Mommies.

There is no such thing as an unlicensed firearms dealer. You are either an FFL holder or you are not. You either sell firearms for profit or you do not. If you do, you better have an FFL or your gonna be spending a lot of time with the bootie bandit. If you don’t, then you are not eligible to receive an FFL.

If you are a firearms dealer you are required to conduct the background check wherever you sell a gun - be it in a store, in your home, or at a gun show.

What you are seeking to do when you harp on and on about closing the gun show loophole is actually regulating private sellers looking to maximize the return on an investment, or simply not to loose their shirt.

Let me give you an example of how the real world works, since you gun banning Democrats seem to have left it long ago.

The last new gun I purchased cost me over $700 (lets kill another myth right here, guns are EXPENSIVE!!! You people - and Tim Kaine is responsible for this - managed to generally price the poor people living in areas where they have a real need for self protection - out of the market by eliminating cheap guns). If I wish to get rid of it I have a few options.

First, I can sell it to a dealer who will pay me $300 for it and then turn around and resell it (after conducting a background check) for $600 (Though expensive, guns retain a surprising part of their value).

Second, I can sell it to a pawn shop who will pay me $100 for it and then turn around and resell it (after conducting a background check) for $600.

Third, I can turn it in at a gun buy back event to Tim Kaine and the Richmond Police Department or Sarah Brady and the Commie Mommies for $50 in donated Target Gift Cards (which don’t allow change to be given back, and lose their value if I don’t use them within a year). Tim Kain and the Richmond Police or Sarah Brady and the Commie Mommies will then turn around and sell my $700 gun to a gun dealer for $300 (using that profit to further erode my civil rights - they only melt down the worthless guns). The gun dealer will then resell it (after conducting a background check) for $600 (sometimes they sell it to national distributors who simply act as a middle man between Tim Kain and the Richmond Police or Sarah Brady and the Commie Mommies and the eventual gun seller).

Finally, I can sell it privately for $500-$600 by posting an ad in the paper (but only where Sarah Brady and the Commie Mommies haven’t shut that avenue down); posting a notice at a gun range or on the internet; selling it to a friend; or going to a gun show where I can meet potential buyers.

As a private citizen, I am not a gun dealer let alone an “unlicensed gun dealer”, in fact I am not eligible to become a gun dealer unless I have the intent to actually engage in the business and then do so once granted my license. Yet, for some reason, you want to restrict my rights (through making gun ownership unaffordable) by preventing my access to a marketplace of buyers and artificially deflating the value of my gun (and often times putting the lost profit right in the bank account of Tim Kain and the Richmond Police or Sarah Brady and the Commie Mommies).

Thats what the so called gun show bills are seeking to do. Regulate non dealers.

How can Tim Kaine or any Democrat ever hope to convince America (or simply the citizens of Virginia) that they aren’t after their guns when every false gun concern they raise is tied directly to the ultimate goal of eliminating gun ownership in America (see the statements of Diane Feinstein and the founders of the Brady Campaign/Million Mom March - formerly known as Handgun Control Inc.) ?????

Lets try to educate this fool and maybe we can make a difference.


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