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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rocky Top

I've discussed why I think Tennessee ought to Fire Phil Fulmer before, but if they want to start and just Fire Randy Sanders, that would be acceptable to.

Why do we accept mediocrity? We always have been a mediocre basketball program, but football is what we do best in Knoxville. Unfortunately, for the past 6 years we look more like a team from Nashville than the Big Orange from K-Town. We are 6-11 against Top 10 teams since 1999. Fulmer’s record against Spurrier, Richt, Tuberville, Saban, and Urban Meyer is a mere 6 wins and 16 losses. Hello, there is a problem here. Do you clap your hands Phillip when you reflect on your record against other SEC coaches?

Randy, Randy, Randy. You are the Offensive Coordinator. You are in the line of fire. If the problem really is fat Phil, wouldn’t you simply put in a few new plays so you do not look like an idiot on most third downs? The excuse bucket is empty this season. The O-Line was as experienced and healthy as it has been in years. You have not one, but two quarterbacks to hand the ball off or throw a wide receiver screen on third and 9. This is not a rebuilding year; the Vols were ranked #3 in preseason.

They even have a new take on Rocky Top

Sanders must go. Of that, there is no doubt,
But Fat Phil's too scared to risk it.
All he really cares to think about,
Is where he might find his next biscuit.

I still believe Fat Phil Fulmer is the problem, but I am more than willing to watch them Fire Randy Sanders as the first step in replacing Fat Phil.

But, hey. Maybe its neither ones fault and simply the product of bad karma? Will the decision to remove Davey Crocket from their merchandise go down as a knuckle-headed Babe Ruth type move?

WELCOME GOOGLE VOLUNTEER READERS - There is plenty more here on the atrocity that is Phil Fulmer's reign. Like the former coach whom he took down, now that Phil has disgraced Neyland Stadium with a loss to South Carolina, he too should be fired . . . perhaps we can offer him up as a sacrificial goat to the forces of the NCAA and Buck Fama who will cotninue to hound Rocky Top with investigations and threats till Fulmer is gone.

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