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Monday, January 08, 2007

Brought to you by the moral majority

Jerry Garcia once, famously, said that he still ate magic mushrooms every now and then just to clean the pipes out.

Well, here in the glorious Commonwealth of Virginia we occaisionally have to deal with meddlesome and rightously religious prudes.

I of course, like to find the nastiest porn I can, just to clean the pipes out and make sure the maximum amount of shock is directed their way.

In that spirit ... and in recognition that the Virginia Department of Game and Fisheries has completed its survey on Sunday Hunting and will have no legitimate reason to kowtow to these prudes next fall ... here's some nasty ass porn.

Thats right ... seriously not safe for work ... and 100% brought to you by Pat Robertson (you shithead), Jerry Falwell, and the prudes in the moral majority.



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