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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Boobenfreude Fallout

Democrat Congressman Bobby Rush (1st-Ill) is making his opening statement on the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Hearing over Boobenfreude and has just called out his fellow members for wanting to punish Janet Jackson but only give Justin Timberlake a slap on the wrist. He sees this as part of a continued pattern of discriminatory punishment across the board.

Good for him!

While I think Timberlake has acted in a more honorable fashion since the incident occurred (ie: he accepted the opportunity to apologize at the Grammy's) he certainly had his hand in the cookie jar (please forgive the bad pun) and deserves just as much scorn and condemnation as Jackson. Still, the real villains here are the top CEO's at all the firms involved:
Mel Karmazin, President & Chief Operating Officer, Viacom Inc.
Les Moonves, president and CEO, CBS Television
Judy McGrath, president, MTV
Tom Freston, Chairman and CEO of MTV Networks who has the nerve to profess offense to criticism and "personal attacks on" Judy McGrath


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