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Friday, August 12, 2005

Is Raising Kaine Is A Sham!?!?!?

Of course, I probably didn't need to tell you that.

But it appears to be. Raising Kaine, for those who don't know, is the "leading" blog advocating the election of the gun banning liberal mayor of Richmond, Virginia.

While there is nothing wrong with a person supporting a politician (even if he is a gun banning bigot), there is something wrong with being completely disingenuous about it. This is how Raising Kaine describes itself (emphasis mine):
We're a grassroots group of ordinary citizens -- Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans -- who are sick and tired of right-wing extremists and ideologues trying to take control of our state and our country. Instead...

The only problem with this is there is simply nothing independent about it. You see, Raising Kaine was registered through to one Brian Patton of Clintwood, Virginia. Mr. Patton has a web page of his own, where he describes himself as such (again, my emphasis):
Currently, I am a member of the Dickenson County Democratic Committee, working for a law firm in Clintwood, Virginia, and spending the rest of my time volunteering for local and statewide political candidates.

Hardly qualifies as an independent or a Republican.

Remember how upset the moonbats where when they found out that the Swift Boat Veterans were funded by a guy who also donated to the Bush Campaign????

Well, imagine how much more they would have screamed if they found out the Swift Boat Veterans were run by RNC members.

I'm just saying, thats all.

UPDATE: Now, of course, there are some other contributors to Raising Kaine in addition to the not very independent Mr. Patton.

  • First up, is Lowell Feld. Mr. Feld is a freelance "journalist" covering energy and environment issues when he isn't backpacking around the third world. The only articles of his I am familiar with though, have been at - shall we say - moonbat sites. Might he be an independent? Sure, I'll give him that. This blog seems to think he is either a socialist or a communist
    Lennin died in 1924, but Lowell Feld is an instrument of the strategy for his communist conquest in America and beyond. These Virginia Democrats use the philosophy of socialism as a misinformation weapon, in this struggle, whenever they can and for whatever it is worth.

    In the comments, Mr. Feld thinks I am being unfair stating that
    Believe it or not, I've been called too "conservative" and not a true "liberal" many times on DailyKos and other liberal sites.
    Well, that's about all you need to know, isn't it. Your judged by the people you associate with, and we all remember that the DailyKos is the page which celebrated the brutal deaths of wanton destruction of corpses in Fallujah last year. Nice.

    I just Wonder if Mayor Kaine knows who is supporters are?

  • Dan Fleischmann is the author of the earlier gun banning post. I can't find much info on him, except that he runs with the DC Road Runners club. Lets say the jury's still out - but that gun show loophole post, and its hostility toward Republicans, Independents, the NRA, and the constitution while it based itself solely on the worst talking points of the crazy left wing of the Democrats has me feeling that Dan ain't exactly a RINO Republican.

  • Teddy Goodson is a realtor in Northern Virginia. Of course, we all know that the Realtor's control the local Democratic Party - thats why they keep pushing for more tax increases to finance more sprawl inducing roadways without actually addressing the serious transportation problems we are faced with. This post describes her as an ex-Republican and associates her with "Progressives." That, of course, is liberal code for Socialist/Communist as the "Progressive" wing was founded and run by Bernie Sanders (former socialist mayor of Burlington, VT) and current minority leader in the House Nancy Pelosi who once hosted Communist Work songs (complete with hammer and sickle) on her web page (way before she was in leadership). Not surprisingly, she is one of the Bush Lies/Bushitler corps. I guess, if she claims to be a former Republican, she gets in on a technicality, but even if she didn't like the President, its tough to believe she went from Republican to communist over night.

  • I'll get through the rest of the contributing bloggers tomorrow over the coming days.
  • Nichole Herbig

  • Ellen Dana Nagler

  • Kenton Ngo - he worked for the Traitorous Lout's campaign according to his web page. Verdict - Democrat!!

  • Tabitha Peace

  • Sam Penney is just a big 'ol gun banning bigot progressive (re: communist/socialist) bigot. Where do I start with Mr. Penny. Well, I guess I could thank him for the great quote thats now in my masthead, but it gets even better. He runs Political Web Solutions - a consulting firm that "proudly assists Democratic and other progressive candidates." As for the gun banning bigot part, lets take a look at the comments he left Bitter Bitch.

    Seeing as how hunters are generally not members of a militia anymore, someone doing a strict reading of the Constitution could say that we do not have the right to bear arms at all, unless we are members of the National Guard, etc.
    Sammy boy, the militia is composed of all able bodied males 17 to (i believe) 45. I think you could also argue, in this day and age it also includes women.

    He goes on.

    America should give as many rights to its people as possible, and I believe that responsible citizens should have the right to bear arms for the purposes of hunting, target shooting, etc.

    Our rights come from nature, America doesn't give us anything. Rather, as the founding fathers made clear, we the people give American the right to govern us. BTW, the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting, target shooting, etc. Its all about defense and possession of weapons with a suitable military purpose.
    you do not need a machine gun do go deer hunting, unless you have 300 deer in a large meadow that need to be eliminated PRONTO
    No, I don't. But I do need a machine gun to protect me from socialist gun banning bigots like Sam Penny.
    And the government does have the right to knwo who owns what guns. There are criminals out there, and responsible gun owners like you and I should be willing to let the government know what guns we own, and when we bought them.
    Yep, just like the jews in Nazi Germany, the christians and non Islamist muslims in the Sudan and Darfur, and the enemies of Robert Mugabe (white and black) who are this very minute being subjected to his campaign of disarmament and genocide.


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