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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Frist, Fulmer, and the SEC

CNN is running with the headline this morning that Senate Majority Leader Frist reportedly gets SEC subpoena .

Geeze Louise.

You know, it was bad enough when it was simply some asshead 'Bama attorney harrassing Fire Phil Fulmer but for the South Eastern Conference to now go after another Volunteer as well?

Isn't the crappy offense punishment enough??

WELCOME GOOGLE VOLUNTEER READERS - There is plenty more here on the atrocity that is Phil Fulmer's reign. Like the former coach whom he took down, now that Phil has disgraced Neyland Stadium with a loss to South Carolina, he too should be fired . . . perhaps we can offer him up as a sacrificial goat to the forces of the NCAA and Buck Fama who will cotninue to hound Rocky Top with investigations and threats till Fulmer is gone.

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