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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Countertop's Rule of Celebrity

I heard on NPR this evening that an assortment of celebrity asshat's came out to sing kum ba yah for Stanley Tookie Williams.

Tookie is a death row inmate - convicted for the 1979 murder of 4 people - who is most famous as the founder of the Crips, LA's most notorious street gang. Whether he killed the four in question is up in the air, but his role in the death's of thousands of black kids who died for standing in the way of his and the Crips criminal enterprises is not.

What really gets me, of course, are all the celebrity asshat's willing to blame - and wanting to eliminate - my guns for the murder of this kids but when the opportunity to really take care of the root cause of the problem comes along, they cry a different tune.

Actually, the only one of his celebrity supporters that doesn't insult me is Snoop Doggy Dog, of course, thats cause Snoop is a member of the Crips.

Anyway, all this asshat hot air has led me to devise another of my noted Rules to Live By. We'll call this on the Countertop Rule of Celebrity.

For whatever issue the majority of celebrities take a certain position, there shall be a rebuttal presumption that said position is full of shit.

Seeing as this is a Rule to Live By, I want to make sure I've got it correct and thus welcome any suggestions you might have.


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